If you arrive in town long before you’re supposed to check in or your flight is long after check out time, we offer luggage storage and will hold on to your bag for you for the price of a tip.

luggage storage in amethyst love guesthouse

Our guesthouse have a dedicated room for luggage storage. For guests staying in the dormitory we offer lockers for their valuables. If you wish to leave your luggage and go to another city or island and then comeback to our guesthouse, we can keep your luggage in the same storage room beside our reception. The fee may apply.

Amethyst Love Guesthouse does not have a locked room where bulky bags are kept. It’s best to have some sort of daypack that you can separate from the rest of your luggage with only the items you’ll need while you stay at the Amethyst Love Guesthouse. Remember, all of your belongings need to be able to fit inside a small locker in your room, so prepare to shuffle around your clothing and valuables accordingly. The only people that have access to the storage rooms are the guesthouse guests. But otherwise, you’ll want to keep most of your valuables on you at all times.

Again, do not leave your valuable belongings, Amethyst Love Guesthouse is not responsible for your luggage but of course we do our best to keep an eye on them. Still, be on the safe side.

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